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Budget Range Roller Blind


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Budget Blockout is a 100% blockout fabric with the same colour both front and back. This traditional holland blind type fabric is relatively stiff and has a vinyl type feel with a fairly flat weave. It is available in widths up to 2400mm.

It can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a damp cloth.
This blockout fabric is good for all areas of the home and office and will blockout light and provide privacy day and night.










Available to widths of 2400mm our budget screen is a 100% polyester 2x2 basket weave sunscreen fabric that has 5% openness. The yarn is a PVC coated polyester (30% polyester 70% pvc).

This sunscreen style of fabric will enable one-way visibility through the fabric. The one way view is from a darker areas into a lighter area. During the day it is typically ligher outside than inside hence it is possible to see to the outside whilst it is relatively hard to see inside thus providing day-time privacy. During the evening, it is typically lighter on the inside and darker outside therefore, people will be able to see from the outside into the house, hence there is no night-time privacy with this fabric.

Darker colours in this range will provide better glare protection and also higher visibility compared to light colours. Darker colours also absorb heat more than lighter colours, hense it it important to consider your functional needs. If it is for glare protection as opposed to heat, then go with a darker colour. If it is for heat protection then go for a white colour.
It an ideal consideration as a dual or double blind. As a single blind, budget screen is often chosen to be used in the kitchen, laundry's and living areas as well as office and commercial

Blue Grey


Charcoal Grey

Charcoal Slate

Blue Grey

Dune Grey


White Grey

White Linen

White Stone

Stainless Steel chains – standard with all Roller Blinds

White roller blind Chain winder and Pin End. Chain Safety Chip and screw.

Single Roller Blind Bracket

Double Roller Blind Bracket


White,Off White,White Birch,Light Taupe,Silver,Black

Off White



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