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Deluxe Roller Blind


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Boston range of fabric is one of the most popular fabrics that we have ever sold. The fabric is 100% polyester jacquard weave that has a raised and irregular horizontal slub texture that is soft to touch. Comprising of several different complimenting coloured yarns, this fabric is quite dressy and provides a sympathetic palette for most colour schemes. This fabric is woven in Australia.

Available in light filtering (LF) and blockout (BO) Boston is considered a feature fabric for both living and bedroom blinds and both the Light Filter as well as the Blockout fabric will give you 100% privacy day and night. It is very popular as a dual or double blind to create a luxurious finish in your home, with the screen fabric underneath. The blockout coating comprises of a 3 pass acrylic ensures that the fabric provides close to 100% light block.

Our most popular fabric colour is Chalk which is a neutral and the combination of white and soft taupe yarns ensures this compliments timber floor well. For a great combination as a dual blind, consider the Charcoal Sable coloured screen.

Note: The blockout colour on the back of the fabric is the same as the fabric, not Standard white.

Crystal LF

Shell LF

Sand LF

Chalk LF

Concrete LF

Marble LF

Graphite LF

Pewter LF

Mink LF

Onyx LF

Crystal BO

Shell BO

Sand BO

Chalk BO

Concrete BO

Marble BO

Graphite BO

Pewter BO

Mink BO

Onyx BO

Beach Sand is a 100% polyester 1x1 weave fabric that is available in both Blockout (BO) and Light Filter (LF)

This fabric is slightly rough in texture, it is not particularly soft but nor is it stiff. It is has a great colour palette that is based on the latest designer trends.

The light filter provide privacy both day and night as it has a tight weave. The blockout coating is 3 pass acrylic foam and is fully fade resistant with a blue wool scale of more than 6.

Beach sand is a great choice for the home or office. Because of the light filter and blockout combination it enables a uniform colour to be established whilst having different light control characteristics for diferent rooms. Typically, customers choose light filtering for the living areas and blockout for bedrooms.

Our best selling colour is Dove and then Putty, Seal and Storm are also popular as well.

White LF

Pearl LF

Putty LF

Straw LF

Latte LF

Pebbel LF

African wild range is an extremely versitile fabric and is personal favourite for many designers. Woven in Australia, this fabric comes as both a Blockout (BO) as well as Light Filter (LF).

The Jacquard style weave is soft to touch and appears distinguished and modern. Some colours in the range have a slightly different complimentary colours for the Warp and Weft which lift the fabric making it quite versitile for integrating with established colour palettes.

With a Blue Wool scale of more than 7, it is fully fade resistant and has mould and mildew protection. In addition, the fabric is treated with stain and soil release for easy care. This is a wonderful upmarket looking fabric suitable for the modern contemporary home. It is often used in higher end rental apartments because of it's look and easy care.

Our most popular colour is Onyx followed closely by Polar (our whitest white across all ranges) and Llama. Chamois is also a great colour when seeking to compliment the grey/ dusty blue palette.

Polar LF

Llama LF

Onyx LF

Meer LF

Chamois LF

Alpaca LF

Gazelle LF

Mamba LF

Panther LF

This superior sunscreen fabric has been in the Australian market place for many years and has proven its durability without doubt. It is often specified by Architects and Designers for offices due to it's superior sun control character.

Now woven locally in Sydney, this fabric has a low memory because it uses a glass fibre core. This low memory characteristic means it does not tend to go out of shape after being subjected to high day time temprature events.

The yarn comprises of glass fibre and PVC (36% glass and 64% PVC) and the weave is a 1x2 basket style with 5% openness. Providing excellent thermal and visual comfort, this sun screen fabric is suitable for both residential and commercial.

As a sunscreen fabric and also because of it's level of openness, one feature of this fabric is that it has a one-way viewing property which offers the ability to see from a darker area into a lighter area. During the day, because it is typically ligher outside than inside, this provide day-time privacy for home occupant whilst providing the ability to see clearly to the outside. At night however, because it is typically lighter inside than outside, it will be possible to see from ouside into the internal rooms.

Darker colours provide greater visibility as well as better glare control. Lighter colours offer greater heat reflection. The white colour will reflect upto 65% of solar radiation.

Our most popular colour is White Linen, followed closely by Charcoal Sable and Charcoal Grey & Charcoal.

Charcoal Sable

Charcoal Grey




White Linen

The Delux range of fabric roller blinds are high quality and made in Australia. We actually make them ourselves in Sydney however, we supply all over Australia including Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberrra, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin and Hobart.Our Delux range of fabric roller blinds provide a very affordable and cheap way to furnish windows in your home or office. These fabric are woven in Australia, USA or Europe

We also supply our delux roller blinds to regional areas in New South Wales (NSW) including Newcastle, Wollongong, Tamworth, Armidale, Wagga, Albury, Orange, Bathurst and Griffith

In Victoria (VIC) we supply our delux roller blnds in regional areas such as Ballarrat, Bendigo, Geelong, Dandenong, Mornington, Lakes District, Western Victoria, Albury Wodonga

In South Australia (SA) we supply our delux roller blinds in regionl areas including adelaide, the eyre peninsular, baraossa valley, flinders rangers, yorke peninsular, outback SA lake ayre.

In Western Australia (WA) we supply our roller blind in regional areas including Fremantle, Bunbury, Margaret River, Geraldton, Carnarvon, Dairy Creek, Port Headland, Broome, Albany, Gasgoyne, Wyndahm, Kimberley, Derby.

In Queensland (QLD) we supply our delux roller blinds to regional areas including Toowomba, Sunshine coast, gold coast, whitsunday, mackay, Gladstone, Darling Downs, bundaberg, brisbane.

People who buy from us describe our delux roller blinds as high quality but cheap. Most peole like to install themselves (DIY) when they purchase through blinds wholesale.

We hope you find something in our range that will compliment you interior design and add value to your home.



Stainless Steel chains – standard with all Roller Blinds

White roller blind Chain winder and Pin End. Chain Safety Chip and screw.

Single Roller Blind Bracket

Double Roller Blind Bracket


Oval Black

Oval Silver

Oval White


White,Off White,White Birch,Light Taupe,Silver,Black

Off White



Small Square Base Bar

Silver, White, Black




Large Square Base Bar




Fabric Covered Base Rails

Covered base Rail before Fabric

Fabric Covered base rail back view

Fabric Covered base rail front view

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