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Roman Blind


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All Roman blinds from Blinds Wholesale manufacture of the highest quality fabricsRoman blinds are chosen as the designer's favorite with their elegant, sleek and always stylish looks, giving every room a comforting feeling with our choice of neutral fabric colours to match any decor.


White BO

Pearl BO

Straw BO

Putty BO

Dune BO

Latte BO

Mocha BO

Pebble BO

Seal BO

Slate BO

Storm BO

White LF

Pearl LF

Putty LF

Straw LF

Latte LF

Pebbel LF

Polar BO

Llama BO

Onyx BO

Meer BO

Chamois BO

Alpaca BO

Gazelle BO

Mamba BO

Panter BO

Polar LF

Llama LF

Onyx LF

Meer LF

Chamois LF

Alpaca LF

Gazelle LF

Mamba LF

Panther LF

This superior sunscreen fabric has been in the Australian market place for many years and has proven its durability without doubt. It is often specified by Architects and Designers for offices due to it's superior sun control character.

Now woven locally in Sydney, this fabric has a low memory because it uses a glass fibre core. This low memory characteristic means it does not tend to go out of shape after being subjected to high day time temprature events.

The yarn comprises of glass fibre and PVC (36% glass and 64% PVC) and the weave is a 1x2 basket style with 5% openness. Providing excellent thermal and visual comfort, this sun screen fabric is suitable for both residential and commercial.

As a sunscreen fabric and also because of it's level of openness, one feature of this fabric is that it has a one-way viewing property which offers the ability to see from a darker area into a lighter area. During the day, because it is typically ligher outside than inside, this provide day-time privacy for home occupant whilst providing the ability to see clearly to the outside. At night however, because it is typically lighter inside than outside, it will be possible to see from ouside into the internal rooms.

Darker colours provide greater visibility as well as better glare control. Lighter colours offer greater heat reflection. The white colour will reflect upto 65% of solar radiation.

Our most popular colour is White Linen, followed closely by Charcoal Sable and Charcoal Grey & Charcoal.

Charcoal Sable

Charcoal Grey




White Linen








This fabric is only good for max 2400 width. Max 3000 Height

Light filtering fabric only , 100% Polyester, open weave





This fabric is only good for max 2400 width. Max 3000 Height

Light filtering fabric only , 100% Polyester, open weave





Max width 2000mm max drop 3000mm

100% Polyester fabric. 2.5 mm strip in a thick fabric ,open weave, Light filtering only




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